About Me

Antonio Aguilar

Research Engineer

National University of Ireland, Galway

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Professional Experience

I have a multidisciplinary background in research, software development, electronic engineering, biomedical engineering, product development and technology commercialization.

10 years experience working in the research, software development and engineering fields.

I absolutely enjoy working with experimental technology platforms for developing new innovative products. See my visual resume or find me in LinkedIn.

Technical Skills

Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, PHP, Wireless Sensor Networks, Healthcare Information Systems, Java, Embedded Systems, Web Development, Biomedical Engineering, JavaScript, Project Management, Intellectual Property, Matlab, PCB design, LabView, Software Development, Electronic Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Linux, Android Development, RFID applications, Digital Signal Processing, Non-invasive Cardiology, Schematic Capture, iPhone Application Development

Research / Publications

[Selected Publications]

Videos / Demos

Remote Patient Monitoring (2008)

In this live demo, Prof. Manfred Hauswirth and Gearóid Hynes demonstrate remote patient monitoring and notification at the 5th European Semantic Web Conference in Tenerife, Spain. The setup is such that Gearóid (patient) is in Galway, Ireland wearing a heart rate (pulse oximeter) sensor and Manfred (physician) is in Tenerife defining a threshold in a Personal Healthcare Record system for Gearóid. As soon as Gearóid's heart rate elevates above the threshold, the system makes a phone call in real-time. The demo is based on GSN (joint work with LSIR @ EPFL) and was developed by Antonio Aguilar a research assistant at DERI / NUIG.